selection scoring - Your key to improved ROI from direct marketing

Improving the ROI of your campaigns with Selection Scoring is easy. Simply send us a donor file and gift file. Using your data along with publicly available data, we use advanced analytics to create algorithms specific to your organization. These predict which donors are most likely to respond to a particular campaign or become a major donor, the amount a donor is likely to give, or the lifetime value of a donor. These scores can be used to select appropriate mailing or telemarketing lists, ask amounts, or donor lists for prospect research. Selection Scoring has been shown to achieve up to 15% response rate for the top-rated groups. All files are handled securely and require no personal donor information other than postal code. 

Packages start at $5,000 for 2 Selection Scores and analysis of data that determines the likelihood of giving. Each additional Selection Score is just $500.

Scores available include:

  • Next Expected Gift Amount
  • Direct Mail Selection Score
  • Telemarketing Selection Score
  • Email Selection Score
  • Event Donation Selection Score
  • Lapsed Mail Selection Score
  • Lapsed Telemarketing Selection Score
  • Regular Giving Conversion Selection Score
  • Regular Giving Upgrade Selection Score
  • Bequest Selection Score
  • Major Giving Selection Score
  • Likelihood to churn - Additional $500
  • Donor Lifetime Value - Additional $1,000