Here's just a small sampling of the analytics projects we can provide to not-for-profit organizations like yours.


Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics can be used to add value to your existing data in a variety of ways:

  • analyze your donors' likelihood to respond to a particular fundraising campaign or channel 
  • predict the likelihood a donor will lapse in the next quarter
  • predict the most likely amount a donor will give to your organization
  • find the donors most likely to become major donors or planned giving participants
  • predict the risk of a donor's pledge being written-off

Find out more about Selection Scoring - TAG YOUR DONOR DATABASE TO DETERMINE YOUR BEST PROSPECTS for a campaign or the lifetime value of your donors


Donor segmentation

Donor segmentation can be used to understand your different groups of donors and customize marketing materials for each group. We segment donors into groups based on their similarities and present you with easy to understand group profiles. For instance you may have a group of donors who are extremely loyal and give large donations over many years, a group who gives modestly but is very loyal, a group who is motivated primarily by the thank-you gifts or lotteries being offered, and a group who is in danger of churning. Each group can receive different messages from your organization in order to best speak to the donors' motivations.


data summaries

Before you're ready for predictive analytics or segmentation, it's best to understand what your donor base currently looks like. We can provide you with summaries on your current customer base from demographic information to donation trends. In depth data summaries can examine relationships between two or more factors in your data, such as geographic location and donation amount. Data summaries use the data you have about your donors and their fundraising gifts in combination with census data from Statistics New Zealand.



Examine how your latest campaign performed by looking at response rates and revenue. We can provide analysis comparing the performance of test and control groups, different packages, different customer segments, and/or geographic locations. All results will be tested for statistical significance and actionable insights given to the organization. Only with consistent campaign analysis can you learn from past campaigns and discern changing patterns in donors' giving habits to improve future direct marketing campaigns.