Ten Reasons to Use Analytics in a Not-For-Profit Organization

  1. Reduce expenses and increase response rate in your direct marketing campaign by targeting donors most likely to respond to the particular campaign or channel.

  2. Keep your prospect research pipeline full by identifying donors most likely to give a major gift.

  3. Increase bequests by finding donors likely to respond favorably to planned giving materials.

  4. Segment your donors into groups to personalize messaging for each donor type in your database.

  5. Forecast the likely next donation amount for each donor, allowing you to avoid over or under-asks.

  6. Create a predictive model to predict the lifetime value of a donor, ensuring high-lifetime-value donors are appropriately communicated with, even if current donations are low.

  7. Forecast the flow of donations over time, allowing you to plan for the seasonality of giving and likely highs and lows in cash flow.

  8. Analyze the ideal number and channels of campaign communication pieces to send a donor to illicit the best response.

  9. Determine which groups of donors are most swayed by premiums, lottery entries, and thank-you gifts and which groups would likely give without incentives.

  10. Predict which donors are most responsive to monthly giving via automatic withdrawal schemes, and which prefer one time gifts.