Here's just a small sampling of the analytics projects we can provide to governmental organizations and councils.


Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics can be used to add value to your existing data in a variety of ways:

  • predict the likelihood roadworks will be needed or the cost of roadworks on roads in your district
  • predict the likelihood and analyze factors leading to incidents in your facilities
  • predict the usage numbers of facilities
  • predict the risk of a resident not paying rates


KPI Dashboard reports

Knowing what your key performance indicators are and tracking them on a regular basis is fundamental to meeting your organizational goals. We can help you define these KPIs, build the reports, and teach you to use and update them on a regular basis. Whether you need one main dashboard, or one for each department, we can build these reports that will allow you to dig into your data and track your progress towards a goal.


ANALysis of survey results

We can help you analyze any survey data you have collected or help you through the entire survey process. By looking at the data from multiple angles, we provide you with top quality analysis with insights that may be missed if responses are looked at in isolation. We have over 10 years of experience in survey design and can help you word questions to avoid confusion or misleading answers. We can also help you select a random selection or targeted list of recipients.